Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Dangers of Value Added and Teacher Measurement

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We Have to Play the Game,
But We Can't Afford to Drink the Kool-aide.

The preponderance of circumstantial, anecdotal, empirical, and common-sense evidence proves as untrustworthy value-added and teacher-measurement. And while schools have to play along until the system collapses from its own lack of integrity, we need to avoid falling victim to the system's hidden traps--traps that hurt kids and especially teachers--and traps about which politicians and departments of education will never be transparent. Survival starts with educating ourselves.

The schools that succeed will be the ones where the teachers and administrators stay on the same team against the state. Failure will come if administrators and the state become co-enemies against teachers.
First, Some Positive Context
Next, the Avalanche of Evidence

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